10 Celebrity Plastic Surgery Procedures That Went Well


It is always a breath of fresh air to open up the pages of the celebrity gossip columns and see a celebrity surgery that has actually gone well. Furthermore, with the – how shall I put it? – more extreme versions of surgery which seem to be emerging in celebrity culture, it would seem that the preferred approach is now actually to go for a surgery that is so subtle that most people don’t even know you’ve had it.

Here is a list for you of what we’d definitely describe as the more successful stories. We can save the nightmares for another time.

1. Hollywood’s Sweetheart, Jennifer Aniston.

Who better to begin with than the world’s most beloved comedy actress, Miss Aniston. It is most definitely not something that everyone will be aware of, especially due to her stunning beauty that never ceases to amaze us, but Jen actually took the step of having her nose operated on in order to repair a deviated septum before she joined the cast of Friends back in 1994.

Jennifer Aniston Before and After

Image Source: stylecraze.com