10 Times Celebrities Have Looked Like Cartoons


What could be better than our two favourite things – celebrities and cartoons – meeting together in one complete list of uncanny lookalikes? You will have to see some of these to believe just quite how similar they are…

1. Robin Williams and ‘The Genie’.

There is no better place to start than one of the most iconic celebrity cartoon lookalikes of all time: the late Robin Williams and his beloved counterpart ‘The Genie’. This is slightly different to the other examples on this list, in that the producers of Aladdin actually designed the character around Robin himself before he voiced it, and it’s not hard to see why. He was literally one of the funniest, charismatic and loved celebrities in the world so why not transcend that magic into a cartoon character?

Robin Williams and The Genie

Image Source: wallpaperpixel.com