Top 10 Hollywood Celebrities Who Lost It


To ordinary people, Hollywood celebrities live enchanted lives. They’re like gods who have fame and fortune. A lot of people would trade places with them without a second thought. That’s why people follow what Hollywood celebrities do and that’s also the reason why it’s such a big news when stars fall from grace.

Here are the top celebrities who lost their star power:

1. Carmen Electra

There was a time when Carmen Electra was very famous. She got her start by posing nude for Playboy in 1995 and after that she starred in Baywatch and then in movies. To illustrate just how low her career has reached, her last movie was entitled “2-Headed Shark Attack.”

Carmen Electra

2. Corey Feldman

Corey was one of the biggest child stars of the 1980s. He starred in memorable films like Stand by Me, The Goonies, Gremlins, and The ‘Burbs. Unfortunately, his star power didn’t carry over as he grew older and all he can do now is cash in on his former celebrity status.

Corey Feldman